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June 14, 2022

You’ve done the Marie Kondo thing, right? What’s not to love about a freshly decluttered room, or that weightless feeling you get from purging unloved stuff?

The thing is, your life needs decluttering too.

The more we get into demanding jobs, portfolio careers, side hustles, caring duties, the more life gets divided up and stretched thin. Proliferating devices, apps and media channels just add to the load.

A little help please?

It’s costing us. Last year the American Psychological Association found that 32% of adults reported emotional exhaustion. Last month the New York Times reported that fully two thirds of working parents met the criteria for burnout. A million people miss a day of work in the US every day because of stress - that’s an annual cost of USD150-300b in the US alone.

It’s no wonder we’re looking for help.

Marie Kondo for your life

That’s where TANK comes in. Think of it as Marie Kondo for your life. It’s different from other apps in some important ways:

- It visualises your time so you can see the clutter, clear what you need to clear, and make time for what brings you joy - it helps you shorten the list, not add to it

- It brings everything into one place, so you can see easily what you need to get done at any moment, and it shields you from distraction while you’re getting it done - it’s not ‘yet another app’ to manage, it’s your personal assistant to manage the ones you’ve got

- It helps you see patterns when the clutter starts to get overwhelming again - it’s a coach, not just another source of annoying notifications that make you feel guilty

- It celebrates your wins, both big and small, to help you stay on track - it’s a cheerful accountability buddy in your pocket, not a joyless taskmaster that never lets up

Why 'TANK'? Because we all know how it feels to be running on empty.

Yes, it’s a lot

We're Helen and Navin, and we're building Tank because every day we see people struggling to stay on track with what’s important to them, in a world that wants to pull them off course.

this is us!

We’ve each spent close to 20 years leading teams to get unreasonably hard things done in unreasonably short timeframes. We can tell you the big difference between high achievers who burn out, and those who don’t - it’s not how talented or tough they are. It’s the systems they have in a place to limit bad stress, prioritise effective recovery, and make the right adjustments on the fly. We've had to create those systems by trial and error, so we know there's a better way. We'd like to save you that time and effort.

Imagine if everyone was running on “full”.

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