fight burnout
on your own terms

TANK resets your system to produce flourishing instead of burnout

the way we're taught to work creates burnout

we all struggle to get to things that are important but not urgent.

sometimes, everything feels urgent - everything other than the time to rest, reset, and rise again.

it's a systems problem: we're taught to be productive, and we're rewarded for it in ways that don't apply to recovery.

micro-systems make up macro-systems

fighting the system is hard; you need to build your own first.

adjusting what you pay attention to, how you spend your time, and what you get a pat on the back for, can radically change your micro-system.

better micro-systems start to change the macro-system.

your only limits are time and imagination

once you allow for sleep, there are 112 hours in a week.

112 hours for everything: what you have to do, and what you dream of doing.

if you want to get to the most important things, you'll need to set aside time for them, and then use that time the way you planned.

and that's not easy.

TANK is your coach for flourishing

flourishing looks different for everyone.

we can help you ditch toxic productivity and ineffective self-care, and create a system that works for you.

we've brought decades of neuroscience research together into a simple set of tools to help you shift from burnout to flourishing.

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