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Flat out to Flourishing

the high achiever's guide to beating burnout and winning at what counts

Nip burnout in the bud by eliminating your risk factors and replacing them with your best steps to flourishing. Trade out bad stress for good stress, learn to recover better, tune in to what your body's telling you, and find the best ways not just to survive, but to thrive -
for you.

What we'll cover in the course

Week 1: the basics

  • Diagnostic: understand and prioritise your burnout risk factors
  • Knowledge work is physical work too: how stress affects your body, how recovery works, and performance physiology - not just for athletes!
  • Making sense of your system: burnout and flourishing are complex, but they're not as complicated as we make them
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Week 2: new ways to think about stress

  • Good stress, bad stress: identifying sources, situations, patterns
  • Core skills for minimising bad stress: controlling what you can control; prioritisation and negotiation; setting and protecting boundaries; reframing
  • Core skills for making the best use of good stress: preconditions; getting into flow; peak performance moments

Week 3: the recovery mindset

  • Real recovery: identifying sources, situations, patterns
  • Core skills for recovering effectively: activating your parasympathetic nervous system; winning back your dopamine system; six kinds of recovery
  • Recovering from life events: post-traumatic growth
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Week 4: engaging your energy gauge

  • Tracking your stress / recovery balance: how well do you tune in?
  • Getting comfortable with emotions: feelings may not be facts, but they are invaluable information about what your body needs
  • Core skills for making best use of what your body's telling you: body scanning; emotional granularity; emotional distancing

Week 5: barriers and enablers

  • What helps, what doesn't: elements of your interior and exterior world that make changes easier, or harder
  • Feedback loops: relying less on willpower and more on a system that makes new ways of working and recovering your new default setting
  • Values alignment: the current that makes everything easier
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Week 6: bringing it all together

  • Recap: brief review of the system, illustrated using real examples that participants are using
  • Extended Q&A, experience sharing, trouble-shooting
  • Participants form theme-based pods to provide each other with support on common challenges (optional)

Ready to beat burnout, ditch distraction, break some bad old habits and reorient your world around what really counts?

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by the end of Flat out to Flourishing, you will have:

  • a clear understanding of your burnout risk factors, and what to do about them
  • your own personal definition of success, based on your own core values
  • clarity on what needs to change so that you can stay true to your own path, while still ticking the boxes that need to get ticked
  • new tools, resources and skills to support new ways of working and recovering
  • a community that's all about support and accountability
  • a comprehensive system that keeps your new habits in place - so you can beat burnout and reorient towards flourishing, with less effort, for good
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What's included:

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When there's nothing you can drop

You've been kicking goals at work for as long as you can remember, but it's exhausting. You're starting to wonder how much longer you can keep it up. There's so much to be across - team, stakeholders, partner, kids - and it just keeps ramping up. There's not enough time for everything. But what can you possibly drop?

Make meaningful change, for the long term

You want to keep kicking goals, but you also want to enjoy the life those goals were meant to be supporting.
And that feels out of reach.
You know how to get stuff done for everyone else, but not so much for yourself. You're starting to feel how hard it is to pour from an empty cup. That's showing up not just as fatigue, but also frustration and resentment.
It's time to make a change.

You know you're ready

Ready to break out of old patterns? They might have helped you get where you are right now, but they're not going to get you to where you want to be.

2024 is your year

All you need is a little help to see the forest for the trees, some support to get started down a better path, and some travelling companions who've got your back.

Sounds about right?
this course was designed especially for you!
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We're Helen and Navin, and we'd love to be your guides

We've both been there, and eventually worked out how not to go back.

Helen's PhD in psychology didn't save her from burnout as a first-year management consultant. Navin burned so bright in grad school, he changed careers completely after he finished.

Since those early experiences, we've spent close to 20 years successfully doing high-intensity work. Helen stayed in consulting. Navin jumped from academia into cyber security, and then into start-ups.

To be successful, and to help our teams be successful, we've had to learn how to work differently, and how to take recovery seriously. Now we've packaged up what we've learned into the TANK system. TANK combines the best available research in psychology, psychophysiology and neuroscience with our own observations of what actually works in the real world, and what doesn't.

We've made it our mission to solve the problem we wish we'd had help with years ago: how to fend off burnout while still hitting it out of the park.

so many people have extraordinary skills and experience to contribute... but they're out of steam and can't see a way forward

Often they feel like the only solution is to quit - the loud way, or the quiet one. That might help for a while, but one thing we know for sure about high achievers is that they're great at finding big challenges. So they find a new job that's just as much of a stretch as the old one... or end up bored and on the hunt again.

The answer is less likely to be a new job, and more likely to be a new way of working, and a stronger recovery mindset. And if anything, those are harder things to achieve. For a start, it's tough to find reliable, evidence-back information to work out exactly what to change. It's even harder to adapt that information so that it makes sense for you. Hardest of all is the actual change part.

But once that change is under way, it's hard to stop.

Taking those first few steps is so much easier with the right strategy and support.

this is for you if you're ready to:

  1. Get crystal clear on what counts for you - right now, and in the long run
  2. Stop wasting time and energy on things that don't truly matter, or that you can't control
  3. Change how you work, and how you take care of your own health, so that you can bring the energy you need to make the impact you want to make
  4. Spend less time spinning plates and more time enjoying the moment
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past participants have said nice things:

a customer quote: "helped me see burnout in a new way"
customer quote: helped me gain insights on why recovery has been so difficult
customer quote: the lightbulb moment was realising I can't stay in the peak performance zone indefinitely
customer quote: I've reassessed how I manage and prevent burnout
customer quote: I've been to a lot of these trainings and this one was different. The focus on mental health as key to performance was really valuable
A man with glasses and a beard is wearing a black t-shirt with the x-wing targeting system from Star Wars. He' standing next to a woman wearing a black jacket. They're in an outdoor area with columns receding into the distance.

We created Flat out to Flourishing to help you step out of the shadow of burnout and into the full impact you could be making in the world.

To own your own vision. To take back your energy from things that aren't serving you. To know every day how to keep your tank full.

We can't wait to see what you'll get done on a full tank.

Ready to get off the burnout treadmill,
and onto your own personal flourishing track?

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we can't wait to see you!

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